02 - 03 Oct 2023


10:00 pm - 5:00 am

SUBVERTED – Never conforming

For the opening of the TAG DER CLUBKULTUR festival week, the queer dark industrial techno label SUBVERTED has prepared a sex-positive clubnight at Untertage on October 2 with industrial-esque, EBM-ish and hypnotic techno DJ sets by Ireen Amnes, Christ Initials, Nnamael and Fluid, a BUTOH – sometimes being referred to as „anti-dance“ – Performance by Valentin Tszin, Free Haircuts by the experimental community building art project BUTCH CUT that is dedicated to empower Butch, trans, and non-binary identified people, as well as an Art Exhibition by Angelina Mass „Chaos in Character Development“ that touches on issues of sexuality and migration, physicality and pain, desire and depression and that refers to the subcultures of (post) punk and queer aesthetics, reworking and exaggerating the emotionality and narcissism of social networks and digital platforms.

Christ Initials is a Berlin-based producer and DJ. Weaving EBM, techno and sounds from the margins, his offerings are critical and aerobic, laid with devotion upon an altar of steely sensuality.

Through his dark and aggressive sound signature, Fluid presents a fresh interpretation of industrial and hypnotic techno that blends the harshness of the former with the progressive atmospheres of the latter, delivering sets at a constantly high energy level and an equally high speed of 150BPM and above.

Ireen Amnes is a multifaceted artist and DJ, founder of the collective and label Under My Feet., known for its provocative exhibitions and showcases of power electronics and live experimental music. Her artistic roots in industrial, noise, and experimental genres infuse her live hardware and DJ sets with moody, unpredictable journeys that explore an array of styles and intensities. Crafting sets that captivate audiences with an unpredictable and eclectic journey through the intricate realms of electro, wave, industrial, techno, and experimental music.
Regardless of the genre Amnes’ music does (or doesn’t) fit into, its intense dynamism, nuance, and emotive power represent the expressions of a deeply complex and passionate artist.

Nnamael’s sets are characterized by a deep, hypnotic, driving, and mental sound embedded in dark and atmospheric soundscapes. She uses four decks to create a loop-based orchestra, delivering a seamless and pulsating energy that takes the dancer on a progressive journey.

Valentin Tszin is a pioneer of bringing rave culture, digital art, Butoh (anti)dance and physical theatre together. Known for his passion for going beyond the stylistic and conceptual frameworks, he sees Butoh as a kind of virus: mutating, changing its gene, striving on new territories yet to be discovered.
BUTOH is an art form that emerged in Japan during the 1960s. It was developed in opposition to classical ballet and other conventional forms of “graceful” body expression that were socially approved at the time. Due to this, Butoh is often referred to as “anti-dance”.

The main character of her paintings is a queer person, depicted in scenes loaded with symbolic meaning. Their body- fancily posed, at times erotic, sometimes beastly, and often multiplied (portrayed as a twin) -appears in the paintings in various configurations together with constantly recurring objects and motifs. These include swords that are sometimes stuck in the body and sometimes held valiantly in the hands, angels and fairies, pets, flowers, hearts, high-heeled shoes, stars, or club cocktails, which build the visual universe of Angelina Mass. A universe where angels drink poison, pleasure mixes with pain, and body and identity constantly.
Angelina’s art touches on issues of sexuality and migration, physicality and pain, desire and depression. Her works refer to the subcultures of (post) punk and queer aesthetics, reworking and exaggerating the emotionality and narcissism of social networks and digital platforms.

BUTCH CUT is an experimental community building art project dedicated to empowering Butch, trans, and non-binary identified people.
Offering sharp cuts for all genders since 2015, BUTCH CUT is part of Berlin’s the dense queer subculture, cutting at events, doing performances, organising social events and art exhibitions.
BUTCH CUT creates a creative safer space for queer, trans, non binary people where it is normalised to speak honestly about mental health.
Since the beginning, BUTCH CUT offers prepaid soli-cuts to refugees and other queers, experiencing hardship, as well as free gender affirming cuts to customers who have to spend several weeks in psychiatric clinics in Berlin.

If you’re interested to get a free haircut at the event, write an email to:

The event is finished.