24 - 25 Jun 2023


11:00 pm - 6:00 am

Fuck your Gender


FYG 24.06

Get ready to unleash your fabulousness because FUCK YOUR GENDER is back to welcome the summer with a bang! On Saturday 24.06.23, we’re going to make you dance into a beautiful Dawn filled with bass, bodies, and sweat.

FLINTA* (women, lesbian, inter, non-binary, trans*, a-gender, and everything else not endo cis male) stands at the heart of our party. It’s not just about queer women and afab non-binary cuties; it’s about embracing trans* masc, amab non-binary babes, and all our queer siblings who don’t always feel welcomed in party spaces. We want you to feel comfortable and free to get hot and sweaty with us. Our party is FLINTA*-focused, but ALL GENDERS are welcome. However, we kindly request that endo cis guys consider whether they truly need this space and how much room they’ll be taking. We don’t assume anyone’s gender at the door, and we welcome you with open arms.

♥️ At the party, you’ll find our amazing awareness team to talk to, along with cute posters about consent rules. We prioritize a safe and sexy environment for everyone. ♥️

Here’s a sneak peek at our lineup:

Lea Lucifer: Never trust a DJ who doesn’t dance! Berlin-based newcomer DJ and bass-ic bitch, Lea Lucifer, has found her second home and queer community on the city’s dance floors. With her passion for hotter-than-hell electro music, blended with breakbeat trax, hip hop, and pop anthem remixes, she’ll make you go manic on the decks. Find her on Instagram: @bbx_lea and SoundCloud:

VELA: Our very own resident sensation! After co-founding the electronic music scene in Sofia, Bulgaria, VELA moved to Berlin in 1998 and has been an integral part of the city’s club life. With a style described as “I’m-going-to-kick-your-arse-onto-the-dance-floor-and-you-will-like-it-and-beg-for-more!!!,” VELA knows how to deliver the beats. Check them out on Instagram:, their website:, and SoundCloud:

Riotbutt: Brace yourself for an eclectic odyssey of club sound! Riotbutt’s sets are influenced by the ’90s techno scene, and she playfully weaves different elements and styles into a dense and defying soundscape. Prepare for a wild ride! Find Riotbutt on Instagram: @riotbutt and SoundCloud:

And that’s not all! We have an incredible performer ready to welcome you into your deepest lusts and desires. Get ready to experience the captivating talent of Valeria Steel from the House of Steel. Find them on Instagram: @mxvaleriasteel.

Don’t forget our dress code! The @nippleliberationarmy welcomes your creative ideas to free your nipples (wearing a Binder counts as being topless). We especially support FLINTA* for a free and explorative expression on the dancefloor and in our extremely FLINTA*-friendly darkroom. Consent is key, so let’s celebrate our beautiful bodies in whatever way makes us feel sexy and comfortable. Show off your nipples, dress up for the

The event is finished.