Nipple Liberation Party

Nipple Liberation Party

  • Length:11:00 pm – 06:00 am

[ M A N I F E S T O]

The 1920s had been a high point of lesbian night life and liberation. We’re soon approaching the next 20s.

Let’s turn them into a second golden age of queer womenhood.

Fuck Your Gender! Bring your own toys.

All humans welcome – Explore your homoflexible desires and dance.

[ I N F O ]

Come early to experience hidden liberated nipple performances.
You deserve to liberate your nipples and a safe space. We will provide a safety team.

[ D O O R ]

11€ Queer Casual // 8€ liberated nipples // 5€ bring your own toys + liberated nipples

[ D R E S S C O D E]

We enjoy body positivity. Dear all Queers, this is your creative space to enjoy freedom of nipples and all body shapes. Dear queer cis-males; be creative about liberating your nipples; hint: just topless is not very creative.
Space to change/undress is available.

Veranstalter: Nipple Liberation Army

facebook: facebook.com/n1ppleliberation