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Lecken : 2 Year Anniversary

  • Location:MEHRINGDAMM 32
  • Length:11:00 pm – 08:00 am

For two years, we’ve been plugging some of Berlin’s most reputable men’s-only public sex holes with female-identifying bodies, pleasures and needs. We said: if sexual liberation is going to be inclusive, it needs to start from those who historically have had the hardest time savouring its electric delights.

But when working with the sexual, full satisfaction and perfect comprehension are perpetually pushed beyond reach…

LECKEN does not have a manifesto. We will always be a work in progress. An investigation. For our II-YEAR ANNIVERSARY, we look back on some of the questions that have moved us from the start:

*;* What would it take for women* to be done with (self-)objectification and take charge of their own sexuality and ultimately safety?

*;* Is there something specific about “masculine” vs. “feminine” desire? How is the binary still lived and reproduced in this so-called “last free city of the Western world”?

*;* Can strangers be lovers? What kinds of spaces-situations-relations could help expand the gay art of cruising to other bodies?

*;* Why do we speak so much of consent and never of self-defence?

*;* What would a feminism of excess, idleness & trash-ness, a post-work feminism, a feminism of perversion look like?

*;* Does feminism still hold a place in the non-binary queer future of our dreams?

*;* What does it mean for sexuality to live as oriented, and can you disorient that which the body thinks it needs?

*;* How can we smash the false safe spaces of identity politics to make space for a politics of truly encountering & confronting the strangeness in others & in ourselves?

*;* Are we still reproducing the human species in an age of climate chaos? And how do love and family age in a childless future?


▇ o n t h e d e c k s ▇
Carmen 16 [Lecken]
Kitmun (live)

▇ o n t h e f l o o r ▇
Zinzi Buchanan

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curated by Lecken

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photography by Marc Lohr
design by Proper Space [www.proper-space.com]

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