Fuck Your Gender [edition::Nipple Liberation Day]

Fuck Your Gender [edition::Nipple Liberation Day]

  • Length:23:00 – 6:00

Your Nipples crave club liberation. Queer cis women, non binary people and trans people, we especially welcome your nipples.
All humans welcome – Explore your homoflexible desires and dance.

[ I N F O ]
Two days after international Women’s Day we are celebrating with you the first Nipple Liberation Day. Liberate all Nipples online. Liberate your Nipples on the dance floor. Because all nipples are beautiful.

We create a hedonistic safer space. A safety team will be present. We and our guests praise all genders, bodies, sexualities and feminism.

Watch out for our hidden liberating art performances.

[L I N E U P]

coming soon…

[ D R E S S C O D E]
We encourage you to take pride in your nipples and liberate them at the party. We enjoy body-positivity. Hey cis-males, there are more creative ways of showing nipples than just being topless- ask your feminist friends.

Space to change/undress is available.

some inspiration for the dress code: